Nanjing WULIAN and SUNING sports and other famous enterprises were selected the first batch of Nanjing to cultivate unicorns in 2018


In the afternoon of April 18, 2018 (Wednesday), the "Nanjing unicorn and gazelle enterprise conference" hosted by the Nanjing City macro economic research center and 36 krypton krypton space was successfully held at the Nanjing International Expo Center. At the meeting, announced the《 Nanjing unicorn, gazelle enterprise development white paper》, the establishment of the "Nanjing unicorn, gazelle prise club", Nanjing Wulian and Suning sports and other well-known enterprises were awarded the first batch of Nanjing city in 2018 to cultivate  unicorns.."Unicorn" is a mythological fictional creature, like a white horse, with a spiral angle in front of his forehead, and a pair of beautiful wings, representing noble, arrogant, high speed, mysterious and pure. Today, the "unicorn" has become the term of investment industry, referring to the non-listed company set up in less than 10 years with a valuation of more than 1 billion dollars. "Didi Chuxing", "Xiaomi" "today's headlines", "" are all the "unicorn" enterprises.

In this election campaign, WULIAN was considered to be a very good growth, from the experience and scale of the previous financing to see the growth of the unicorn, the first batch of Unicorns in Nanjing in 2018, and the only innovative enterprise of intelligent home for the Internet of things.

The IoT is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is becoming an important force in reforming and reshaping the traditional industries, and also injecting new vitality into the manufacturing industry. After the Internet, the IoT industry has huge energy, has formed trillions of market, and is expected to be born into the super giant. Related data show that the global IoT industry has broken through 1800 companies, covering more than 20 fields, including software development, smart home, smart car and so on. By 2020, IOT providers that sell hardware, software and integrated solutions can earn up to 470 billion dollars annually.

As a professional Internet of things enterprise, WULIAN has received extensive attention in recent years by virtue of the leading invention patent, innovation technology and application advantage of the intelligent home of the IoT. It has been ranked on the list of professional valuations many times. It is considered to be the most powerful and potential enterprise in the intelligent home industry of the Internet of things.

In fact, as early as in 2015 WISE2.0 36 krypton entrepreneurship ecological conference, the first systematic publication of the list of the valuation of China's entrepreneurial enterprises "2015 krypton valuation list Top500" was officially released. The list records the top 500 companies with the highest valuation of the first level market in China. WULIAN ranks among the top 100, ranked eighty-third, valued at over 3 billion yuan, pressing 2 billion 650 million of the hammer technology and 2 billion 540 million of the calf electric car.