Better Life with Wulian Smart Home


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About Wulian

Wulian is a professional manufacturer and supplier for Smart Home products and solutions. Founded in 2009, Wulian has developed into the leader in Smart Home industry worldwide with advanced R&D strength, comprehensive product categories and integrated system. The current products and solutions cover a wide range including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more. In 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance as Promoter and Director of Board, actively participating in defining and promoting global IoT standards.   


l  Wulian Smart Home product system incorporates more than 200 hundred devices from gateways, smart cameras, sensors, lights, switches to door locks and more, making it hard-to-beat in terms of the range and the number of products it can deliver. Meanwhile, Wulian is capable and competent in manufacturing OEM&ODM products, and the sophisticated supply chain guarantees seamless joint from product ordering to shipment, along with professional personnel deployment and efficient software adoption.


l  Wulian features in end-to-end solutions, including smart devices, gateway (hub), cloud server and App running on mobile terminals (smart phones, tablets, smart watches, TVs). This integrated architecture achieves greater stability and higher reliability by providing multiple control methods, not only limited to remote operation, but also by customized scene management, linkage control or time setting.


l  Wulian has the largest R&D team in China of the IoT industry, and in 2015, Wulian launched the WLink Open Platform, aiming to eliminate the communication barriers among IoT devices and enhance the compatibility of smart home appliances. The platform uses super gateway as the center while providing solutions (hardware upgrading; software application, cloud service) to traditional equipment manufacturers for product upgrading, and also cooperating with smart home manufacturers that is of different communication protocols and with limited devices to achieve the maximum device compatibility in short time.


l  Wulian is making progressive effort in the Smart Home industry with 55 invention patents and more than 100 utility patents. Catering to the needs of different customers, Wulian products also comply with certification and marking requirements from different regions and countries like CE, FCC, RCM, etc. Some of the Wulian products also passed the ZigBee Certification Program.