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What is Smart Home?


How to make controls in Smart Home system?

How to efficiently manage my home energy? How to quickly start a MovieNight for my family? How to wake up my daughter in the early morningwhen I am away from home?

Customize different scenes and realize one-button control to improve the living efficiency while bringing peace of mind

Achieve device symbiosis through group working with simple operation and easy control

Control Smart Home devices wherever and whenever through smart terminals like smart phones, tablets or watches.

Make time setting according to the users’ daily schedule and auto activate the scene needed.

Scene Management

Group Linkage

Remote Control

Time Setting

07 AM

08 AM

11 AM

07 PM

08:30 PM

10 PM

11 PM


  • Bedside lamp lights up from dim to bright
  • Curtains are opened to let the sunshine in
  • Ventilation system airs the morning
  • Favorite songs surround the room

Leave Home

  • Lightings and household appliances are turned off
  • Garage is opened and your car beeps
  • With Leave-Home Mode on, security system works

Remote Monitoring

  • Real-time monitor and check your family situation
  • Get prompts of any home urgencies (illegal intrusion, gas leakage, water leakage…) and take immediate measures

Easy Cooking

  • Prepare dinner for family with relaxing music
  • Gas detector is working for your safety
  • Video talk with family to say “honey, home is waiting”
  • Romantic Dinner mode starts

Movie Time

  • Curtain shuts down gradually, leaving private space
  • Television is on and everything is organized automatically
  • Enjoy life with your loved ones for the sweet moment

Relaxing Bath Time

  • Water temperature rises, warm and comfortable
  • Water Leakage Sensor is fully aware of bathtub overflowing
  • While the music starts, it is time to relax

Sweet Dream

  • All the lights turn off in the mantle of darkness
  • The curtains shut down automatically
  • As well as the electrical devices