Congratulations on Wulian’s Completion of ZigBee Certification Program



Wulian, joined the ZigBee Alliance at ‘Promoter’ level in 2015, as the first Asian member in the Board of Directors, has been working together with other Alliance members in the popularization of ZigBee wireless communication technology, and in June 3, 2016, Wulian products, Smart Socket (European Standard) and Smart Contact Sensor passed all the relevant tests in conjunction with the ZigBee Certification Program and were deemed compliant to it.


Wulian product, Smart Socket (European Standard), adopts ZigBee wireless technology, which is the industry leading global standard, energy-saving, reliable and easy-to-use. The socket is white in color and with stylish design, which is portable and supports simple plug-and-play. Users are enabled to turn on/off the socket power or get real-time data of the power capacity and consumption from mobile terminals, and it also has the feature of overload protection, bringing peace of mind for family electricity usage. Apart from family adoption, the Smart Socket has been widely applied in smart buildings, smart hospitality, smart elder-care and intelligent communities.


Wulian Smart Contact Sensor belongs to the Smart Security product category of Wulian Smart Home system. It is in a compact design, small and dedicate, which is composed by two parts, the body and the magnetic part that are installed on two sides of door/window/drawer. Through group linkage function, it can trigger other warning devices when opened illegally; meanwhile, users will get alarms instantly on mobile terminals via wireless network.


Bearing the mission of designing and manufacturing qualified products and customer satisfied products, Wulian has established a whole set of manufacture and R&D specification standards and quality control system for electronic information products. With the increasing demands of Wulian products in the overseas market, Wulian will be consistent in keeping up with high standards in product quality control and adopting advanced technology to enhance user experience, and additionally, conforming to certifications internationally to make smarter products that upgrade people’s living efficiency and create secure and comfortable life.