Wulain: Partnership with Italeaf Group to Establish WSAVE


On September 27, 2016, Wulian, a Chinese company specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT) and member of ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors, signed an agreement with Italeaf Group, through Italeaf HK (a company licensed by WiSave Srl), in Nanjing to establish a joint venture named WSAVE Co., ltd. (company name to receive final approve from the Chinese Industrial and Commercial Bureau). The new company is being set up to promote the development of green building technologies and intends to provide energy-saving solutions based on Smart Building system and IoT technology.


As each country has put an increasing emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction amid global climate change and population boom, using new energy and new technologies to reduce energy consumption is becoming a new trend. This trend is expected to greatly affect IoT market, contributing to an increase in demand for smart energy devices and solutions.


Under such market conditions, Wulian, a professional manufacturer and supplier for Smart Home products and solutions, is currently strengthening its smart unit business, which mainly consists of hardware, software, communication module, sensor, controller, cloud service and big data. Its current products and solutions cover a wide range of fields, including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more.


Italeaf Group, is a holding company promoting the creation and development of industrial startups in the fields of cleantech, smart energy and technological innovation. The company has five subsidiaries, which are active in the fields of renewable energy, waste management, civil and commercial drones manufacturing, innovative metallurgy, additive manufacturing and real estate. Italeaf is listed on First North segment of NASDAQ OMX Nordic at Stockholm Stock Exchange.


The new company WSAVE will promote smart energy efficiency solutions for large complex buildings. It will combine unique advantages of Wulian Smart Home system and frontier technologies and Italeaf Group smart energy solutions, to create an integrated system for smart home and green building. NPV Europe, global business consultancy, has supported Italeaf during their internationalisation process in China, securing the creation of the Joint Venture with Wulian.



 “This strategic cooperation with Wulian is of great importance as it will increase our popularity in China and further expand our business in fields of new energy, IoT and real estate. Wulian is a company having a positive influence in Smart Home globally, and we are delighted to work together with Wulian to explore new business opportunities.” said Stefano Neri, President of Italeaf Group.


“As an innovative company in IoT field, Wulian has devoted itself to the exploration of energy saving and has provided customers with energy-saving solutions based on the big data analysis on the energy consumption of electrical devices,” Jaken Zhu, founder and CEO of Wulian said, “Italeaf Group is specialized in the field of renewable energy. The partnership with Italeaf Group will accelerate our pace of expanding business in smart building, and Wulian Smart Home system is expected to play a greater role in green building in future.”