Smart Villas in Saudi Arabia

Country:Saudi Arabia

Locted in Riyadh (رياض), the capital and also the largest city of Saudi Arabia, the smart Villas project includes a number of luxury villas with swimming pools and garden courts. The villas are in modern architecture style, combined with advanced technologies for smart lighting, home security, appliance control, home comfort and intelligent gardening, and others. Wulian Smart Home System was the first choice in the project for its integrated system architecture which incorporates not only complete product categories, but also cloud server and App running on mobile terminals (smart phones, tablets, smart watches, TVs). Wulian products that had been adopted in the Lemar Villas project include, but are not limited to Smart Switches, Smart Locks, PIR Motion Detectors, Contact Sensors, Smart Gas Detectors, or Smart Cameras. With the project completion, people can deeply appreciate the ease and beauty of modern life created by Wulian Smart Home.