Make the Limited Space Unlimited ---- Old Building Reconstruction in Taiwan


Entering into the modern era, human beings have abandoned the old-timely shelter and erect new buildings which have been designed to fully absorb new utilities and other infrastructure projects. However, nowadays more and more consideration has been given to old house preservation and maintenance for which is considered as a unique way to support and understand the local community.
A private studio in Taibei city of Taiwan is a typical example of old building reconstruction. Located in an old block of Da’an District, the project aims to meet with the client’s requirements of combining technology and beauty in the reconstruction. The reconstruction project had adopted a whole set of Wulian Smart Home products in home security, smart appliance control, home comfort and other categories, to achieve a new level of comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and at the same time bring peace of mind. For example, Wulian smart wall switches were chosen in the reconstruction not only for the simple design style with more options in color and material to choose, but also the features of intelligent controlling which is realized through group linkage, scene management, or time setting.